What is Heaven, Really?

When the average person thinks of Heaven, they experience a number of feelings and few thought, mostly because few people know much about It. Most of those feelings are negative, because God (a synonym for Heaven) is cast as a Super Being-Creator whose job it is to watch us all the time and catch and punish us if we do something wrong. God is a person – Heaven is a place. We feel guilt for what we think we might have done wrong and fear for what God will do to us when we die. THAT is Heaven 1.0 and it isn’t very helpful. God isn’t an individual “person” and Heaven isn’t a “place.”

Heaven/God can best be described as “All-That-Is.” Everything. Undivided. Everywhere. Then there are the omni’s: Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, etc. If you think about it, there is nothing that that is NOT God/Heaven. It’s all go(o)d!

My favorite definition of Heaven is from the Proving Heaven 2.0 text:

Heaven 2.0” is Life, Love, Wisdom, Peace, Nirvana, Contentment, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present, Rapture, Joy, all-seeing, all-hearing, eternal, Light, Source, All-That-Is, God, Paradise, everlasting Communion, ecstatic Happiness, Bliss, Eden, the Promised Land, Utopia, deliverance from all evils and lack, Wholeness, the holiest of holies, Beauty, awesome, Harmony, Perfection, changeless, better than a never-ending orgasm, beyond time and space, everlastingly creative, permanent, the “Great Beyond,” Ecstasy, our eternal home, the “Kingdom Come,” Life everlasting, Enchantment, Elysium, the firmament, Glory, Shangri-La, Eternity,  Joyfulness, Culmination, Cloud Nine, Exhilaration, the mountaintop, Enlightenment, Euphoria, Never-never Land, Avalon, Valhalla, Beatification, Divinity, Everlastingness, the Life to come, the Celestial City, the Garden of Eden, Xanadu, perpetual Pleasure, what is fated, supreme Bliss, Felicity, the celestial regions, Transport, the journey with no distance, ambrosial, empyreal, the mythical place, Almighty God, the Fates, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Providence, the Source of all Good, a better place, the good place, the Absolute, Destiny, Life after death, the Absolute Being, all-holy, all-merciful, all-wise, the Almighty, the Creator, the Deity, the Divinity, eternal Oneness, eternal Beingness, the First Cause, the Infinite, the Infinite Spirit, the Maker, the Preserver, the Supreme Being, beyond  the grave,  the great hereafter, the unknown, what bodes, the world to come, unalloyed Happiness, Overhappiness, Absolute Being, is Overjoyfulness, and the highest pitch.

Heaven 2.0 is all of these things and much more.

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