Finding Safety

As we travel through the physical world, we find many instances of challenge and danger. Hurricanes, earthquakes, thieves, car accidents, wars, threats of wars, murders, dread diseases… its seems impossible to find a place where we are safe from the many things that can kill us or our loved ones. That is in fact a main characteristic of our physical life, no matter how much we try.

We look for safety in barricaded homes, laws, police, weapons, health practices, insurance policies, even prayer to the almighty. Yet it seems that the safety we seek is beyond our ability to provide for very long.

Deep inside we remember a place of safety. Perhaps a more accurate word is that we seek peace, maybe even the peace that exceeds out understanding. It does exist in Heaven 2.0. This memory feeds our desire for it when we witness or experience the many forms of traumatic events that are found on the Earth. We feel the need to do something, anything to prevent it from happening again, but to no avail. It seems that the moment we get comfortable, something happens to take the peaceful feelings away, even if it comes from problems in our relationships with the people we love. We feel the urge to fight back even when we love the persons. Peace and safety from attack elude us: the real issue is deep within ourselves.

Many people look to socialism to provide safety nets for some of these problems. Others think that passing laws against our dreaded behaviors will do the trick. Loving our brothers and sisters is supposed to be the key to making a “Heaven on Earth,” a Utopia through a system of laws that regulate every human behavior, every human enterprise. Others think that smart people running an all-powerful government is needed to keep a lid on problems and create “heaven.” It has been tried many times, yet the more outer things are regulated, the farther from a lasting peace. Many people just don’t like to be told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Socialism works on a very small, micro scale, but doesn’t last very long on a large scale. Politics, greed, envy, guilt, fear, death and time are very human issues that will pull down any system in our physical lives, liberal, conservative or what have you.

Where is safety? Not on Earth, not very long. It can be found with meditation, prayer, and through forgiveness and expressing love. The way to safety for the long term is not on Earth, it is only inside of ourselves in Heaven 2.0, the non-dual version of Heaven. The physical world was created not by our Source, but by those who wanted to leave our Source. This desire led to a split mind, which epitomizes our situation now. True safety is only found when we recognize that leaving Source (Heaven 2.0) is not possible, no matter how much we wanted to become like our Source, become our own source. We are still in Heaven 2.0, but we are asleep, ignoring it, dreaming of something different.

True safety and thereby true Peace is only possible when we renounce this dream of a physical world and all its charms, such as food, games and sex, all of which are possible only with physical bodies. We love some special people (i.e. family or idols) and love to hate others (those who hurt us or oppose us). Our fascination with sports, politics and entertainment are rampant and endemic to this world. Some even think it’s a fair trade-off, this split-mind world filled with beauty and tragedy. Many have noted that it’s the same things, over and over, referring to the Mandela of life or that life is like a merry-go-round or a kind of “Groundhog Day,” once we begin to become aware of how our lives and needs never change throughout history or the cycling of lives through death and rebirth. We do not want to lose our individual identity, even though it is merely the story of a body and will be lost at death no matter what we do or believe.

We need some help to get out of this seeming trap of our own devising. This “renouncing” takes a lot of time if we are still attached to the physical, addicted to many of our physical-world pleasures.

There are many ways to this journey to Oneness, perhaps thousands and no one way is inherently any better. We will all realize that we are still in the eternal Heaven and the often nightmare illusion of the physical world never became permanent, and in that sense, never Really existed. Safety and Peace are our birthright, but it will never be found on Earth because nothing permanent can be created outside eternally Loving Heaven. There is no “outside” All-That-Is.

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