All That is Real is You

I used to wonder when the course used the word “real”. After all, life seems real enough just the way it is. I finally got the point – something that changes or disappears is different than something that doesn’t. Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Realtors sell real estate, presumably something “real”, something that doesn’t change.  The land is still there.  In Spanish, the word “real” means “royal”, probably because the king used to own all the land.   However, in this day and age, we know that the earth does change and has many times throughout history.  It leaves us with a really fuzzy idea of what is real.

The course talks about God or the Father in Heaven as the only thing that is real. Imagine Justin Hayward singing to God in this  wonderful song:

“All the world over I’ve searched for a dream.   
I’ve found out that life is not what it seems.
I’ve seen all the wonders the world has to give,  
But all that is real is you.

All of the silver and all of the gold
Are worthless to me,
Lifeless and cold.
I’ve known all the treasure
A man can possess,
But all that is real is you.

So bring me back home,
My love – my love.
Oh, how I need you.
Take me back home,
My love – my love.
Oh, how I love you.

Even the place where my heart used to fly,
The warm summer breeze,
The wild seabirds cry.
All are illusions and all just a dream,
Because all that is real is you.”
“All That Is Real Is You” – Moody Blues (Justin Hayward)

When I hear this song, all I hear is ‘The Voice’ telling me how wonderful life really is – that is Life Itself. God is Love and loves us because we are a part of Him and cannot be separated and as Justin says, no thing on this earth is real, except each other. Until we give up this illusion of being separate, we can not and will not experience the fullness of Love, the Love we have tried to leave behind.

I recently went to a children’s museum where the science experiments demonstrated very clearly that what we see with our eyes is a very small part of what can be seen. The same is true of our ears. Even dogs can hear more than we can. Our senses, upon which we usually judge reality are actually built to minimize what we experience.

Our bodies are merely High Definition suits to experience only what we want to, not what is real. To remember, to awaken to reality – that is our goal. Our real goal should be to experience real Love that will never end… and is still there waiting for us to change our mind about what we think is real. As Justin so skillfully reminds us, “All That Is Real Is You”!


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