About the Source

The premise of this book is that All-Is-One. The information in this book must therefore come from Source, the only One there is.

It is the result of one person asking a lot of questions over many years, seeking answers about Heaven, following the death of his mother at age 19. Mr. Kresha was in the Roman Catholic Seminary at St. Joseph’s College, Rensselaer, Indiana at the time, taking many classes including Early Church History. 

After two and half years of seminary training, Mr. Kresha left the seminary, married and started a family as well as a wholesale survey of the spiritual and metaphysical material available, highlighting authors such as T. Lobsang Rampa, Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, The Inner Peace Movement, Profound Mystical Meditation, Astro-Soul, and eventually A Course in Miracles, which brought all of this material together into one coherent, nondual thought system that concentrated on love of neighbor and forgiveness. It is this durable foundation upon which Mr. Kresha began asking even deeper questions about Heaven. It wasn’t long before it became clear that the Heaven of most religions and the eternal All-That-Is version were very different. The catechism of his youth talked about Heaven as all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing, all-loving and everywhere present, yet the descriptions most gave of heaven were of a physical place with a personal, separate Superperson, sitting on a throne and judging everyone who died, condemning those didn’t make the grade. This dichotomy bothered him all of his life.

Intriguingly, it was talking to atheists who pointed to the major flaws in many of the major religions and demonstrated the need to answer those questions in a way that makes sense to believers an non-believers alike. Kresha came to believe that these questions could be answered, even though many told him he had to take theology on faith and that God’s ways are a mystery. Faith based on understanding, a theology or metaphysics that makes sense is a stronger faith and not dependent on the words of clergy who clearly do not have their own act together.

Mr. Kresha has worked as a broadcast journalism, magazine writer, News Director for several radio stations in Nebraska, a tv news and weather reporter and anchor, Marketing Director for two shopping centers, media director for an advertising agency, a salesman for a television station, a public school teacher and counselor. He has also worked as a psychotherapist and case manager at a residential treatment center for teenagers and at a psychiatric hospital. These means of serving others helped ask new questions of Heaven by helping those who appeared to be farthest from it. He holds a bachelor of arts in British Literature and Broadcast Journalism from the University of Nebraska and a Masters of Education from Texas State University in Guidance and Counseling.

Mr. Kresha is married and appears to be living in the Texas Hill Country.