Proving Heaven 2.0, by Raymond Kresha is published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House.

This book is for those who want to understand. Maybe it isn’t for you personally, but maybe it is for someone you love who doesn’t “get” nonduality. It will give them many reasons and mean to understand the Reality of the Universe in a non-religious way. The section on science and logic might be especially valuable!

The book values atheists because they can point out areas where theologians and believers have not provided adequate answers. An explanation of heaven that does that is provided in this book.

For those that want to define the undefinable, definition of terms is provided to make sure that those who want to understand can. The problem is that many people are not open to any ideas about heaven that do not match their own. That is not who this book is for. It is for those who find the traditional ideas inadequate and are looking for logical, historical, and all-encompassing. There are no “holes” in the thought system that is often called nonduality.

This book posits that everything is energy, but in different forms. There is no separation nor even the possibility of more than one universe if you define Heaven as All That Exists, All-That-Is. This view is contrary to the sensory data provided by our body, yet can be demonstrated to be highly inadequate. If there is only One power, One presence in the Universe and we call it Heaven, many of the problems in understanding Life go away. The problem becomes finding ways to see our world and our brothers and sisters as they really are, part of All-That-Is. Hurting any one of them hurts only own Self. The idea isn’t really new, but this book brings many different proofs together in one book to give seekers several ways to see Life differently.

This world was created as a way to learn about good and evil, life and death, scarcity and plenty, not unlike the choice made by Adam and Eve. Heaven can be best proven when it is experienced. First, though, one has to want to get past sensory data and see the Reality of Heaven beyond it.

The version of Heaven that is very much like the physical world is Heaven 1.0 and is the sketchy version taught by most churches. Heaven 2.0 is the upgrade in understanding to find that we are all part of the One Reality that we have tried to ignore and deny in order to experience individuality, a virtual impossibility.

The main goal is to see the Divine in all people and the entire universe. Where there is and appearance of hate, guilt, depression, one must learn to forgive and see the all-encompassing eternal Love that is the Universe. How you get there is not important, its only really important thing is that you begin to embrace and be embraced by All-That-Is!